Proper dressing and grooming for a job interview have always been a very important ritual for people trying to land their dream jobs. Nowadays, it is still an interesting phenomenon that crisp navy suits or business attires are still considered the measure sticks for appropriate job interview attires, even if the working place is a more relaxed one. And, while the suit is still seen as the most appropriate and formal clothing piece for any job interview, there is definitely something that you can borrow from its simplicity, elegance, and timelessness.

Shortage of job offers

When talking about jobs and job interviews, the fact is that it is a seller’s market. Now is a great time for hiring as it has ever been. Nowadays, there are fewer jobs on offer than there were some 10 or 20 years ago. As a result, companies that hire, have their own pick of the market. Even some seemingly unimportant jobs that you thought you were too good for them in the past, are now probably more competitive than you would like.

An important aspect

manWith this in mind, it has become very important to stand out among your direct competitors for the job position. When you get down to the basics, an excellent resume will only get you to a certain point. However, in order to tip the scales in your favor and impress a job interviewer, you will have to understand the importance of proper grooming when applying for a job, as well as proper clothing.

Show your professionalism

What you wear and how you look during a job interview will say a lot about you. Your appearance will communicate to the interviewer how serious you are on a professional level, how careful you treat those around you, how willing and able you are of properly responding to various occasions and how interested you are in getting the job. In order to send the right signals to your interviewer, try following these steps:

Proper grooming

Do not forget that grooming is equally important as dressing. Before you set out for an interview, make sure your hair is well combed and clean, nails well-cleaned, and your face scrubbed. For men, it is very important to have a trimmed and clean-shaven facial hair. Conducting a job interview with an untidy or unshaven beard will leave a poor impression on any job interviewer. Also, make sure that your hair is clean and out of your face. If you have acne or pimples, you can use a concealer. Or better yet, use a facial wash that is meant to get rid of the acne way before the big day.


For women, it is important to have short nails, a clean hairstyle and not too much make-up. Remember that job interviewers want to see the real you, not your “nights-out” persona. Keep in mind that you are not going to a party, but to an interview that may just shape your professional career and life. In the professional world, make-up should be minimal and natural.

Proper dressing

When picking proper interview clothes, keep in mind the type of job you are applying for. So, if you intend to apply for a position of a manager, make sure you do not dress like an intern. Also, do not forget that there is a very thin line between being well-dressed and being over-dressed. Remember that if you are going to a job interview for a position of a car washer or stockboy, you probably won’t need a suit.