Its employees run any organization or business venture. This means that for it to remain at the top of its game, the employees hired must be qualified enough to keep it there. If an organization is not doing well and the major concern is from the human resource department, then it needs to revise its recruitment process as well as values. In this article, we are going to discuss mistakes to avoid in recruitment.

Mistakes to avoid

Forgetting employees worth

When doing recruitment, it is very important to show the candidates that your organization values its workers. This is to mean that the organization must be willing to offer a good pay to the employee. This sends a good employees worthmessage that the organization values the employee’s welfare. The reason why salary must emphasized on is because it provides a basis for merit. Therefore, when doing recruitment, bear in mind that the amount of salary you offer will be used to gauge the organization’s value to employees.

Failure to strategize when recruiting

If a position has been left vacant in unforeseen circumstances and a replacement has to be done in the shortest time possible, it is very important to strategize the process. This is because a sudden and unplanned recruitment can affect the organization negatively in the long run. Therefore, the best way is to weigh option between choosing to hire immediately or wait for a longer period to get the right candidate for the job.

Over bargaining of salaries

During recruitment, the most expected reaction to do is to bargain salary when candidates present their salary expectations. Though bargaining is not a bad thing to do, over bargaining can send the wrong message. It is advisable to bargain to a reasonable amount that both parties can be comfortable with to create a good working relationship.


It is not good to judge a book by its cover. This holds when doing recruitment of employees. There are cases of employers who have turned down excellent employees due to prejudice. Give candidates a good opportunity to present themselves and judge for yourself if they qualify for what you are looking for.

Delays in making final decision

There is no need to prolong recruitment process more than necessary. If you have conducted an interview and you have gotten the right candidate, do not hesitate in making a decision. There have been cases where employers lose potential employees due to delays in making decisions and relaying responses.