How to pass a drug urine test

Many people have been subjected to random drug tests in their places of work. While not everyone takes part in recreational drugs, there are some who do during their free time or when they go out partying. The problem is when you have to take a urine test for your current job or one that you are trying to get. In this article, we will look at the options you will have in such a situation.


The best choice is to stop taking drugs, but if you still like the buzz, at least try to stop a couple of weeks before an interview or drug test if you know when the test will be. Drugs take some time to totally drain from your body so stopping a day before will not make any difference.

Use a device with fake urine

If you look online, you will find many devices that have been developed for people who have to face situations where a drug test is called, and they are worried about passing it. Failing a test may mean that you could lose a great opportunity or even a job that you have been in for many years. Once you fail a test, you will be more or less branded as a recreational drug user. Which can even hamper your career and future.

What is this device?

y54t3fThey are known by many names, and one is The Urinator Device which allows you to take the test, but instead of peeing into the sample cup, you will add the synthetic urine which comes with the urinator. They include mechanisms to keep the fake pee at the right temperature so that you will not get caught out and will generally pass the drug test without a problem. These devices have helped people land great jobs and avoid embarrassment in many situations. However, one must keep in mind that they are not 100% successful. There are instances where the person testing the samples may find that the urine is not real.

Where to buy them

You will not find these devices in every pharmacy, so the best place to get one is online. There are many reliable suppliers who will ship the product directly to your door in packaging which will not show what is inside. They are not too expensive and can be well worth the cost when you consider what is at stake.


Six Valuable Job Interview Tips

Job interviews are known to make people nervous. The excitement usually comes out as a negative feeling, but honestly, you can also feel nervous excitement because of the opportunity the job offers especially when you are prepared in advance and are ready to tackle those questions.

Here are valuable job interview tips to help you pass any interview and land that job that you have always desired.

Arrive early for your interview

hdhd84It is a grand idea to come to meetings early. It will show the recruiters that you value time. However, don’t arrive too early. Arriving for all job interviews on time is a grand idea, but when you arrive too early, you may reduce your chances of landing the job. Arriving too early could distract the interviewer. It is advisable to be there about fifteen minutes before the interview. If you arrive first, wait at the reception.

Before going to the interview, make sure that you are also well-groomed. Prepare an appropriate outfit. For women, it is advisable that they wear light makeup.

Look at job qualifications carefully

Applying for jobs that you are not qualified for will piss off the recruiters. Before applying for any job, you should carefully go through the requirements to ensure that you only use jobs that match your qualifications. Moreover, you can qualify for any job so long as you meet the minimum requirements. So, don’t lock yourself out of some positions even if you don’t have a single skill or qualification included in the job description.

Research about the company

Employers want you to research about their businesses thoroughly. They are impressed immediately they notice that ou has mastered the companies history like the back of your hand. If you know what the company stands for and explain to the recruiter your reasons for wanting to join the company, without any doubt you will be loved. Ensure that you carry out a detailed research about the business before stepping into the interview room.

Avoid talking too much

Revealing too much about yourself to the interviewer could reduce your chances of getting a job significantly. Give generic answers to questions and appear uninterested as well. Show confidence, smartness, and honestly, and you will be good to go. Always remember that moderation is the key.

Be honest

Don’t tell lies during an interview. Tell the truth and save yourself from embarrassment. If you are applying for a high profile job and you tell lies your chances of getting caught are very great. It’s human to want to tell lies or exaggerate your accomplishments when seeking a job, but it’s not a good idea if you want the job.

List your skills in your resume

hdhd84Even though recruiters don’t have that much time to go through your CV, it’s still a good idea to make it attractive and attention grabbing. Apart from highlighting how you match the job qualifications, also ensure that you list other skills that you have. For instance, if you have experience working with a particular software that the company is interested in, include it in your resume. The recruiter may consider calling and chatting with you if they may be willing to train you for skills that you don’t have.